Our village is a unique place, nestled in the heart of the Muotkan Tunturi nature reserve, between the Tunturi mountains, the river, and endless lakes as far as the eye can see. Here, time stands still, giving way to adventures in untouched nature, with its pristine forests, wild animals, and crystal-clear drinking water.

Our guests often share: “Here, you feel alone in the world, in another world,” and every moment allows us to venture off the beaten path to explore landscapes so different from those seen elsewhere in Lapland or at home! It’s like another planet.

But Muotkan Ruoktu and its activities are also about “human stories,” where one feels more among friends than strangers. Passion for adventure and the history of the place are our priorities.

Here, it’s not a 5-star hotel, but rather a place with 1000 stars. Every moment offers a unique experience, whether being awestruck by majestic Northern Lights or breathtaking landscapes!