Summer and winter are perfect for discovering Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area and all north Lapland in all its splendor. Each period offers different advantages and varies during the season while maintaining the magic of these spaces, wild animals, colors of the sky and northern lights, and of course those of “ruska,” an Arctic autumn.

In winter, the trips are from December to mid-April to ensure the best snow conditions and the magic of the northern lights. From January, the days are shorter and colder but offer absolutely unique colors of the sky and typical snow-covered Lapland landscapes. From mid-February, the days lengthen, and temperatures become milder, offering more overall comfort.

In summer, trips start from June when the midnight sun illuminates the landscapes without setting until mid-August. In September, the night returns with “double northern lights” reflecting in the lakes! It is also the time when you can observe the thousand colors of “ruska” landscapes traversed by reindeer with their magnificent antlers.