Our trips are designed to cater to all audiences, regardless of age or physical condition. If you are in normal physical condition and do not require specific medical attention, then our trips are suitable for you. It’s the mindset and the desire to explore that will drive you. With the guidance of your tour leader, you will quickly gain confidence to navigate the Arctic environment safely.

However, the level of effort may vary depending on the type of trip. As specified in each trip, here are the different levels to consider according to your preferences and physical condition.

Effort Level 1: Serenity An experience that requires minimal effort and no particular skills, with a small group of like-minded travelers. It may involve walking a short distance or simply immersing yourself in cultural and wellness activities. The key is to immerse yourself in the ambiance and nature!

Effort Level 2: Discovery This is a mini-adventure with activities that require no technical skills and only a small physical effort. It’s suitable for anyone who engages in regular sports, capable of walking and moving for several hours at a time. Your desire to discover new activities in the magical Lapland environment will be your most important tool.

Effort Level 3: Pushing Limits This is a real adventure, halfway between initiation and improvement, involving endurance sports activities such as hiking, packrafting, or dog sledding over several days. It’s a challenge and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the untouched nature of Lapland’s vast spaces. However, it can sometimes be demanding depending on weather conditions (snow, rain, winds).