Exploring the old track to Laavu set up by Hans in the heart of Tunturi

Exploring the old track to Laavu set up by Hans in the heart of Tunturi

Published On: février 2, 2024


We are, above all, adventurers and explorers! Venturing to explore the lavvu in the wintertime, hidden in the local Tunturi, was a true mission for us. Initially, we learned about the existence of the lavvu and its positioning from one of the local people who stopped by for coffee and shared with passion his experiences about the Muotkatunturi Reserve and his personal adventures in the area! We spent a great time together, pointing with our fingers at the old maps of Hans.

Then, for four days, we tried to get closer to the lavvu, following some of the old markings made by Hans and his friends. We have to admit that it was a true challenge! Heavy snow up to our waists, lack of visibility, and often missing the marking points remained a mystery for us for a couple of weeks. The great part of it was that it was a true human adventure as we went there every time with our dear clients willing to join our adventurers and leave their own trace. Each one helped a lot, and that is why each part of the trace explored together we will name such as « on the traces of the Inari fox, » « under the eyes of the eagle, » « on the steps of the lynx »…. Yes, for us, Muotka is a human adventure, and doing things together with others is the best reward.

We reached the Lavvu for the very first time on January 2nd with Cyril and Fanny! It was tiring work to get there (and to go back as well), but the mission was above all! To go to the lavvu and leave our first-ever step 😊 We left our word in the lavvu guestbook, and to memorialize it forever even if…. The memories will probably be the best proof of this success for us.

Last week, on February 14th, we reached the lavvu for the second time to celebrate Kinga’s birthday! It was a unique moment to explore this untouched nature with stunning landscapes with great Polish tourists, to open the lavvu covered by snow, and then set up a fire with the knife offered to me by one of the local Saami artists! I could not imagine a better birthday present than to feel in the right place with the right people.

The lavvu will stay our first victory in the Muotkatunturi and a great human adventure in this limitless wilderness. We will be back with great sentiment and respect for all those who have been coming here for decades!

Vive Lavvu!

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