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North Start Muotkan Ruoktu Tunturikyla Oy
Karigasniementie 2281, 99910 Inari
y-Tunnus 3380405-6

contact@muotkanruoktu.fi /+358 40 08 60 668

“Muotkan Ruoktu” (or later called as “merchant”) is the marketing name for North Star Muotkan Ruoktu Tunturikyla Oy, including the brand names : Muotkan Ruoktu, Munay Experience and Scandlap Explorer.


The Customer who buy the products & services from the Seller, agrees to adhere to these terms as well as the specific terms of the merchant, Muotkan Ruoktu, when purchasing products and services from North Star Muotkan Ruoktu Tunturikyla  products and services.


• All the prices displayed on the website include VAT.

  • We apply dynamic pricing for accommodation and activity facilities. Prices depend on the timing and vary monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • We sell products to adults and business customers.
  • We reserve the right to change prices.
  • The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • We reserve the right to modify our delivery terms. Customers must familiarize themselves with the current delivery terms before placing an order.



These terms apply to rentable and reservable products and services.
Collectively, they are referred to as “items.”

  • The customer is responsible for reviewing the item/items’ description and instructions, as well as the associated terms.
  • The customer’s reservation becomes binding once the order/payment confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the customer.
  • The customer pays for the reservation according to the chosen payment method, adhering to the payment method’s conditions.
  • The reservation system sends the order/payment confirmation to the email address provided by the customer.
  • The merchant is not responsible for failed reservations; the customer must promptly contact the Merchant to rectify the situation.
  • The Merchant does not guarantee that the item is still available in this situation.
  • If the item is not available, the funds will be refunded, or an alternative item will be offered if possible.


    All reservation should be paid before arrival (see below details).
  • A reservation is considered confirmed when the confirmation fee or full payment is received.
  • If the customer chooses to pay through invoicing the payment must be paid by the due date.
  • Muotkan Ruoktu reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the invoice has not been paid by the due date, or if the customer has not sent his / her credit card details for confirmation.

Accommodation booking & payment:

Reservation accordingly to agreed/selected option by phone or on-line
(may vary depending of the period of reservation) :

  • Upon reservation 100% of payment Activity or Transfer booking & payment
  • Upon reservation 100 % payment OR in place before the service

Travel Packages booking & payment

  • Upon reservation 30 % deposit
  • 14 days prior 100 % beginning of the travel


Customer is responsible for sending the cancellation in a timely manner. The cancellation date is the day the Merchant receives notice of the cancellation. All cancellations or inquiries regarding cancellations should be sent by email to contact@muotkanruoktu.fi or they will not be recognized.

The following cancellation policies apply according to whether the customer is cancelling an activity, accommodation or travel package.

If the customer cancels their reservation,

  • When there is 61 days or more until the start of the reservation, office costs will be charged. The amount of delivery costs is 50 €.
  • When there are less than 60 days but at least 31 days until the start of the reservation, 50 % of the item’s rental price will be charged.
  • When there are less than 30 days until the start of the reservation, the full rental price will be charged.
  • For items reserved with a discount code, the full rental price will always be charged regardless of the cancellation date.


The reservation can be transferred at the customer’s request under the following conditions:

  • Transfer can only be made once.
  • It is not possible to change the item during the transfer.
  • The transfer must occur no later than 7 days before the start of the original reservation.
  • The transfer fee is 50 euros (incl. VAT). If the transferred reservation is canceled, the full rental price will always be charged regardless of the cancellation date.


  • Same cancellation policy applies as in regular cancellations.
  • We recommend personal travel insurance to all our guests.


  • In the event of force majeure, the Merchant may terminate the rental agreement. The customer renting the item will be notified of the termination promptly.
  • In this case, the customer has the right to a full refund of the rental fee paid.
  • Costs possibly incurred by the customer due to the termination of the rental agreement due to force majeure will not be compensated.


  • Customers should print their own confirmation, invoice and terms & conditions for online bookings. The reservation system will send confirmation to the email address provided by the customer. Customer must ensure that he/she get the confirmation. Muotkan Ruoktu is not responsible for failed reservations; the customer must contact Muotkan Ruoktu immediately for assistance, if she/he do not receive the confirmation.
  • Muotkan Ruoktu will not be liable for failed internet/online reservations and will not guarantee that the service will still be available, in case this should happen.
  • If an online/internet booking is successful and a service is no longer available, Muotkan Ruoktu will offer a suitable available alternative or refund the full amount paid by the customer.
  • In addition to these reservation conditions, a customer making a reservation via the Internet also accepts the General Terms of Use of the website. Before making a reservation the customer is responsible for reading the documents and the instructions for making a reservation, as well as our booking terms.


  • No responsibility is taken for losses or expenses due to delay or changes of flights, injury, damage, negligence, weather, sickness, or other unforeseen causes.
  • The estimated duration of tours and travels are standard times and can vary according to road, weather or travel conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. Muotkan Ruoktu is not responsible for any losses that a passenger may face due to delay.



  • The customer has the right to use the item and its equipment during the rental period, as well as the separately defined services.
  • If the customer notices any deficiencies or other issues with the item, they must notify the item management immediately.
  • The customer is responsible for the cleanliness of the item and the removal of waste during and after the rental period.
  • No room cleaning is included during the rental period
  • The customer is responsible for the final cleaning of the item at the end of the reservation.


  • Instructions for the key and its collection will be provided to the customer in the payment confirmation.
  • The Merchant has the right to claim a minimum of 50 euros compensation if they have to open the item due to a lost or stuck key.
  • In case of lost or not returned keys, the owner is entitled to charge all costs for rekeying or changing locks, at least 100 euros.


  • The customer is fully responsible and liable for any damages caused by their pets.
  • The customer is to clean after his dog on whole area of the hotel
  • Pets must be kept on a leash in the national park and wilderness area.
  • Pets must not be left alone in the accommodation without supervision.
  • Pet owners must pay special attention to the cleanliness of the accommodation while keeping pets. The accommodation is always checked after pets, and if necessary, cleaned by the client or charged for the additional cleaning after pet.


  • The customer must familiarize themselves with the safety and usage instructions for the equipment. The equipment must be used carefully only for its intended normal use. The lessee undertakes to conduct a safety inspection during the rental period. Rental equipment must not be taken out of the country or subleased. Rental equipment may only be used to the extent permitted by the terms and only in locations suitable for the user’s skill level and competence. The customer uses all equipment and accessories at their own risk.
  • Regarding water sports equipment (e.g., packraft, SUP boards and rowing boats), the customer confirms being able to swim and having previous experience with the use of the equipment.


  • The customer must return the equipment immediately after the rental period ends to the agreed location, cleaned, and in the same condition as when it was rented out. The lessee must immediately inform the lessor if the return is delayed. The lessor has the right to charge a 20% increased rent for the exceeded time, unless otherwise agreed.


  • The customer is responsible for compensating for damage and costs caused by careless or incorrect handling and inadequate maintenance of rental equipment during the rental period. The customer is obliged to compensate for destroyed or lost equipment during the rental period at its replacement value. The customer is responsible for compliance with transport, safety, and other regulations. The customer must immediately notify the lessor of any defects in the equipment.


  • The lessor is responsible for repair measures resulting from normal wear and tear of the equipment. The lessor is not liable for indirect or direct costs or damages caused to the lessee due to the use or breakage of the equipment. The lessor is not obligated to provide a new device to replace a damaged rented item or to compensate for any indirect or direct costs resulting from work interruption.



  • The customer is obliged to compensate the Merchant for any damage caused to the item by the customer. The renter is also responsible for other persons visiting the item and any damage caused by them during the reservation.
  • The Merchant does not compensate the customer for inconvenience or costs caused by natural conditions, such as insects, animals, road conditions, or unexpected weather fluctuations.


The combination of travel services offered to you is a package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, you will benefit from all EU rights applying to packages. North Star Muotkan Ruoktu Tunturikyla Oy will be fully responsible for the proper performance of the package as a whole.

Additionally, as required by law, Muotkan Ruoktu Oy has protection in place to refund your payments and, where transport is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in the event that it becomes/they become insolvent.

More information on key rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302: EUR-Lex


  • Muotkan Ruoktu reserves the right to correct errors in price information before the conclusion of the contract.
  • Muotkan Ruoktu reserves the right to change prices if unforeseen increases in the cost of supplies (including but not limited to oil, fuel, taxes or subservices) should occur.


Snowmobile Injuries

  • Snowmobiles are insured as required by The Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. This insurance covers medical care for injuries to the driver and the passenger arising from accidents. Personal injuries and damages to other parties are fully covered according to The Finnish Traffic Insurance Act.
  • The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 18 years of age and in possession of a valid driving license.
  • Children ride as passengers in a sleigh pulled by a guide´s snowmobile.
  • Snowmobile safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles. The self-liability amount is maximum 900 Euros per snowmobile and per accident case.
  • Driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol and intoxicants is prohibited by Finnish law.
  • In snowmobile safaris every participant is required by law to wear a helmet.

Other Injuries

  • Muotkan Ruoktu may only be held liable for personal injuries or material damages arising from accidents that have happened during the delivery of the offered services and which are caused by negligence of Muotkan Ruoktu´s employees or sub- contractors, or by the provision of faulty equipment.
  • Muotkan Ruoktu is not liable for any accidental damage or injury which has to be indemnified under the travel insurance of a customer. Personal travel insurance is always highly recommended.
  • Program services e.g. snowmobile and sled dog safaris can be physically demanding, and the participants may be exposed to different kinds of physical strain.
  • In case the Consumer is having any illnesses or disability for instance heart disease, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, back or hip problems that could affect his/her ability to take part in the Services, or if she is pregnant, she/he should prior to participating any services, consult medical experts about her/his ability to participate in the service in question.
  • Should the Consumer have an illness or disability of this nature, he/she acknowledges that he/she participates in the service at his/her own risk.


  • All animals used in the services (reindeer rides and husky rides) are trained as far it is possible for the activity. However, behavior of animals can never be fully predicted and therefore, in order to reduce risks, given safety and other instructions have to be obeyed.

Other terms and conditions

  • Muotkan Ruoktu and its suppliers reserve the right to change the routing and duration of all excursions if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants.
  • Muotkan Ruoktu and its suppliers also reserve the right to discontinue a safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others or is in poor health.
  • Participants on activities must read and sign a separate confirmation & commitment form before participating on activity.

Muotkan Ruoktu´s right to cancel the reservation:

  • If a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others or is in poor health.
  • In the event of Force Majeure or unreasonable impairment of the Party’s operations due to a similar cause (including but not limited to war, strike, weather, lack of snow, or other natural condition etc.). In this case, the customer shall have the right to a full refund of the payment.
  • If the total amount is not paid by the due date or if credit card details are invalid or not received.

Applicable law and place of litigation:

  • The Contracting Parties shall strive to solve disputes concerning the Contract together through negotiations. In the event an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations disputes shall be carried out in the Rovaniemi district court. The Contract is bound by Finnish law. Muotkan Ruoktu shall not be liable for changes arising subsequent to this publication which are beyond our control.


Formation of Contract

  • A binding sales contract comes into effect when the order is confirmed (order confirmation/payment confirmation).
  • Order Confirmation/Payment Confirmation is sent to the customer via email.

Payment Terms

The Merchant applies reliable and secure payment intermediaries in its services.

  • The Merchant does not store bank account or credit card information at any stage.
  • The customer agrees to adhere to the terms of their chosen payment method.
  • Payment by invoice

   – The invoice must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice.

   – Late payment invoices will incur late payment fees. If the invoice is paid after the due date stated on the original invoice, and late payment fees have already been incurred, the fees will be invoiced separately.

  • If the payment transaction is not successfully completed at the time of ordering, the Merchant will not process the order.

North Star Muotkan Ruoktu Tunturikyla Oy reserves the right to any changes.