Our activities

Our activities


Our mission is to show the True Lapland nature and culture across the most authentic activities and travel far from the touristic places and mass of tourists.
We select the activities across our Natural Reserva Muotkatunturi and led by local partners to prioritise the sustainability mindset.
We love to have fun and live the adventures that will make our gusts feel happy and unique. The true experiences is our main mission and pleasure!
Come and share this moment with us during your overnight stays or for a daily activities.

Small groups
Sustainable tourism
Out of the beate tracks

Arctic skiing & Northern Lights

Want to try typical local activity in one of the most beautiful areas in Lapland? Arctic skiing is arguably the best way to explore Arctic nature, cross frozen lakes, and traverse snow-covered tunturi. Similar to ski shoeing, which is accessible to everybody regardless of skiing skills, Arctic skiing offers even more delightful sensations of smooth gliding, intense emotions, and the infinite feeling of freedom.

And if there are Northern Lights… the arctic skiing by night will make you feel like on another planet!

Activities range from 1.5 hours to full-day excursions, providing a unique opportunity to discover the Muotkatunturi Nature Reserve. Come and discover it.

All our clients just love it!

Feel the freedom

Explore the wilderness

Muotkan Ruoktu

Snowmobiling & fell expeditions

Snowmobiling is the primary means of navigating Lapland, used by the Saami reindeer herders and local people. Perfectly accessible to everybody without any prior experience, it offers unlimited opportunities to explore the wildest and most authentic places in Muotkatunturi, Lemmenjoki, and other stunning locations.

We believe that the snowmobile is a great mode of transportation to explore the Lappish wilderness. We are here to do it at your pace, taking time to observe, stop for a photo, or simply let you be mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes or animals.

Come meet Kevin and Kinga, our snowmobile guides, to experience the pleasure of snowmobiling and to explore Our Paradise.

Smoked salmon & Arctic fire art

We believe that discovering a place also involves experiencing its local cuisine. Here in Lapland, we can savor delicious fish caught directly from Lake Inari.

Smoking the salmon using traditional local methods over a self-set fire is a truly authentic experience! Especially if it happens under the Northern Lights, a starry sky, or in our Kota.

Join us to live an arctic culinary experience !

Taste delicious fis from Inari Lake

Live the Lapland

Packgrafting & Hiking

Packrafting is arguably one of the greatest inventions for exploring local lakes and rivers. Lightweight and easy to pack, it allows for adventures lasting a couple of hours or even a few days. Crafted for adventure seekers looking to stand out from the crowd and experience the true Lapland, it’s easy, fun, and accessible for everybody.

We offer options to combine packrafting with hiking since it easily fits into a rucksack and the local areas is a paradise for both activities.

With us, every experience is unique as we love to explore and create new trails! Contact us and join one of our adventures!

Trails can be seen retkikartta.fi


Fishing on the wilderness. Peltojoki river and other rivers on the wilderness. Muotkan Ruoktu is only about 45 km from the Teno River, making it a also great place to stay for salmon fishermen.

Live the Lapland

Muotkan Ruoktu

Live the Lapland


Muotkan Ruoktu is excellent place for the hunting vacation. To our cabins you can bring your furry hunting buddies without extra fee.


Guided adventure travel with Kinga & Kevin

Scandlap Explorer

Experience the wild nature of Lapland on an off-the-beaten-path snowmobile tour or maybe backrafting in summertimes…

Come discover Lapland by traversing Finland on a snowmobile. You’ll see Scandinavian mountains, taiga and tundra, herds of reindeer, and other wildlife in their natural environment, and of course, if the sky is clear, stunning Northern Lights.

Check and book ScanlapExplorer trips and activities scanlap-explorer.com!

Live the Lapland

Enjoy the Finnish nature!

Live the Lapland

An unusual human adventure!

Munay Experience

The spirit of an adventurer, of someone who dares to go beyond, is deeply rooted in all of us. It allows us to forge our spirits, get away from our daily routine and rediscover our inner strength and harmony. We create adventures to rejuvenate our spirits and explore the authentic Lapland, its colourful wilderness and fascinating Saami culture. Here, we invite you to discover the state of Munay, which in the Inca tradition of the Andes is a state of being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Northern Lapland- both winter and summer, is a veritable paradise on the top of the world!

Read more and book experience munayexperience.com